Marla Ann Weinstein - Educator, Poet, Photographer
Marla Ann Weinstein
Educator, Poet, Photographer
      Marla loves to create inspirational, educational, and entertaining resources for children. She integrates her teaching, writing, and photography during these endeavors. Marla began writing after she was inspired when an author visited her school. Marla has written two poetry books for children.  Positive Poetry Goes Around the World was her first book. She loved exploring her creativity by using her photographs to enhance the meanings of her poems. Her second book was inspired by her students. She experienced first-hand their curiosity for animals during her eighteen years as an elementary school teacher. Animal Poetry was very rewarding for Marla because she enjoyed learning about the various animals and loved taking the photographs too.
      Marla Ann Weinstein also began creating educational resources and started an online store for Teachers Pay Teachers. Marla's resources include; theme based activity packs, poetry readings,  educational posters, Common Core graphic organizers, educational games, and poetry eBooks. Marla looks forward to the future and sharing her work with you!